What Are The Commercial HVAC Problems?

Businesses need a functioning HVAC system since it directly impacts customer happiness, staff comfort and productivity, and the establishment’s overall success. 

Your commercial HVAC system should provide ideal temperature conditions, adequate ventilation, and a comfortable interior atmosphere. 

However, these intricate systems may encounter several problems that cause discomfort and disturbances over time. 

We are going to discuss 5 Commercial HVAC Problems in the following content.

1. Loss of Efficiency

Your monthly heating and cooling costs may significantly rise due to HVAC systems losing efficiency. This occurs because the system tries harder to run more frequently to compensate for the loss. 

A professional HVAC system check is recommended if you’ve seen an unexpected increase in your energy expenses that is separate from weather-related problems or increased use.

2. Unusual noises

Your HVAC system may be having significant problems if it starts making unusual noises you have never heard before or if the noises it typically makes become louder than usual. 

To begin with, confirm that the noises aren’t coming from loose parts, loose doors, access panels, or other items that cause clanking, banging, or rattling sounds.

A fan or other moving item that makes screeching or squealing sounds may require lubrication. Furthermore, they may signal the need to replace a fan belt.

Internal popping or banging noises in a gas furnace may indicate the gas is building up and making noises as it burns off. It’s essential to look into this immediately because it might develop into a severe issue.

3. Not Heating or Cooling Properly

Employees and customers may experience discomfort if a commercial HVAC system cannot adequately heat or cool the building. There are various causes for this issue:

The thermostat is the device that regulates the temperature and may not function properly.

Air filters: 

Due to dirt and dust buildup, these have become blocked, limiting airflow and lowering system performance.

Leaks in the refrigerant

are essential for successfully cooling the air and can prevent the HVAC system from cooling down.

Ensure the thermostat is adjusted correctly for the intended temperature to troubleshoot this issue. 

Next, to keep proper airflow and avoid clogs, replace air filters regularly. To find and cure refrigerant leaks, it’s recommended to get professional help if these methods don’t work.

4. Rapid Cycling of HVAC System

Rapid cycling in your HVAC system can cause inefficiencies and discomfort. Possible causes include dirty air filters, incorrect thermostat location, and low refrigerant levels.

 To address this, replace air filters regularly, relocate the thermostat to a more suitable spot, and schedule regular maintenance. HVAC technicians at Ambient Edge can help resolve these issues and provide commercial HVAC repair appointments.

5. Unconcern

The HVAC system may malfunction due to a battery issue, which can fixed by replacing the batteries. If the issue persists, the thermostat may need replacing. 

A tripped circuit breaker, caused by power surges in electrical lines, can also cause the system to malfunction. Resetting the breaker can resolve the issue.